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    Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Weekend Movie Review.........:) it's been awhile since I did a movie review. As I've had more than the usual time this week to do this, seems natural.This weekends pick is an obscure film I'm not sure many would enjoy unless they were dragged to it kicking and screaming.

    Kung Fu Hustle is probably the most unapolgetic high end martial arts spoof I have ever seen..:) For fans of this media, you won't be dissapointed. For those of you that only think films like "kung pow" represent this media,,,,,,,,,,,ohh man, you need to watch this.:)

    The movie is almost entirely in chinese....least my copy, so you'll have to live with subtitles. But OMG, it's worth the ride. The twist in the end is a nice wrap up also.

    I watched this one privately 1st, then with my kids last night. It has some gore, a ton of humor, and some really incredible martial arts scenes. My boy, 12, just looked at me half way into the movie....."yeah dad, didn't trust ya this, but good movie" :)

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