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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Tales from camp, Teaching can be fun...:)

    So our new friends find the camp, introduce themselves...what next?

    The only logical answer was to initiate them to double bubble night.

    Double bubble for those not familiar, is a shot glass shaped like a pregnant hour glass. The idea is the bottom chamber holds about 2 shots of a chaser...soda, red bull, somehing like that. The neck allows the upper chamber to hold a full shot of liquor of your choice which floats ontop of the chaser. The goal is to slam the whole thing in one swallow. We as a group usually go through a few bottles adult beverages just on this pass time....:)

    At our camp, there is a must do it standing as the rest of the camp sings to you our traditional drinking song. It's very important you wait for the cue in the song that says "so drink!!" and then yell WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! after you get it all down. Failure to so means you have to do it again. After, each one downed, the next victem must stand and do thiers proud. Lil wonder they found our camp by sound alone :)

    The song is simple, but surprisingly hard to learn while drunk off your ass. I'm a lil sober to do this song proper, but will share it with you.

    Here's to (insert name here), he's true blue...
    He's a drunkard through and through...
    So set him a bumper and celebrate the day...
    He thought he went to heaven but went the other way!..SO DRINK CHUG ALUG CHUG ALUG CHUG ALUG.


    Our new friends were very very hung over the next day.

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